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  Starting with the tine carrying disk. Loosen the small u-bolt nuts securing the tines and remove the tines, then replace them in aerating position. Each tine has a Locator Notch etched on the side and must be positioned under the loop before re-tightening. Tighten nuts down so there is no tine wiggle. No tines will come loose and be lost if the loop is squarely seated in the locator notch when tightened.
  When all tines are tightly in place…
 The axle. Screw one of the 1/2″ nuts onto the axle so 3\4″ shows past the nut. Poke that end into the wood block and stand it up on the bench. Slide on one of the steel plates. Place the tine carrying disk on top of the steel plate with the tines upside and centered on the axle.  Place the auxiliary disk on top of the tine disk with the “hat” upside. Slide the other steel plate on the axle. Screw on the other 1\2″ nut. Center everything up and snug down the top nut. Hold the disk assembly in a vertical position. Using two 3\4″ wrenches or equivalent, one on each end of the axle, very firmly torque down the nuts. Held vertical gives you the best leverage. When tightened, 3\4″ of axle will show past the nuts on both sides of the disk.
  With the disk assembled…
  The handle. With the disk held vertically spread the arms of the handle enough to start the coupling nuts onto the axle studs. Tighten firmly. You are ready to Roll-aerate now. Poke some grease into the handle ends each use to keep the axle well lubed and turning most easily. Clear tines of soil after use to prevent rust. Use a wooden stick to poke out the last plugs.
When all tines are in place…
The disk is now ready for single-disc use. Just screw on the handlebars and go.
  To make it a DoubleDisk..  Use the wood block to hold the disk horizontally with the tines upside. Screw the short auxiliary axle onto the axle stud.  Lay the auxiliary disc on top of the tine disk with the “hat” upside. Slide on the steel plate. Screw on the 1\2″ nut. Center all and tighten the nut very hard. This will leave 3\4″ of axle showing past the nuts on both sides of the disk. Screw on the handlebars and tighten firmly.
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Single Disk

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Double Disk

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