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Both versions:  remove contents of the square mailing box. Lay the disk with the tine sleeves flat on a bench, tine sleeves upside. Support it with a couple of blocks so it remains level. Remove the tines from the center cavity. Insert the fat ends of the tines into the sleeves. Some tapping with a hammer may be necessary as the fit is rather tight. Tines must be pushed all the way into the sleeves till they meet the spot weld at the send a. A little wd40 helps them slide easier. The outer edge of the sleeve with tine inserted should remain flush with the edge of the disk, like they come. Tighten the small nuts on the other side of the disk evenly. Tighten till there is no wiggle of the tine and they won’t pull out. Check tine security by knocking the end of the tine with a piece of wood. If slippage is noticed, tighten more.
If you have the single disk version:  Now you attach the handle bars. Tighten coupling nuts firmly to the axle studs so the disk won’t come loose while aerating.
If you have the DoubleDisk version:
 Lay the disk flat again supported by blocks. Screw the short bolt/coupler combo onto the center axle stud on the tine side and tighten. Lay the second disk on top of the tines, follow with the 3″/4″ plate and nut. Align the edges of the two disks and tighten the nut firmly. This leaves 3/4″ of axle stud to screw the handle bars onto. Screw on the handles and tighten couplers tight so the disk won’t come loose while aerating.  The build is complete. Note: The double disk can be used as a single disk if so desired if the extra weight of the second disk isn’t needed.
 The handles come pre-greased. After the first good use, pump some more grease into the open ends of the handlebars to lube the axles. Car il works too but for as long as grease does.  Lube often. If the axles squeak when using, it needs lube bad.  When done aerating for awhile, push the soil out of the tines with a bic pen or similar to prevent rusting the inside of the tines.
Any questions, please call the number above.
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